Protect Your Teeth From Stains in 5 ways

Do you start your morning with a cup of coffee or tea?

According to a study by Harvard Public Health, more than 100 million people can’t get through the day without this morning (or sometimes all day) ritual. While drinking warm beverages might wake up your brain cells and please your taste buds, they also stain your teeth overtime. As you age, fine lines form in your tooth enamel, placing you at greater risk for stains forming in these crevices.

Because of its dark color and acidity, coffee is often assumed to stain your teeth more than tea. However, looks are deceiving. Tea has more staining power because it contains tannins, plant-based compounds that stick to plaque on your teeth and lead to discoloration or yellowing of the teeth.

Try these tips to protect your teeth from stains caused by harsh coffee and tea discoloration.

Limit your intake.

Like most things in life, moderation is key. If you consume large quantities of coffee and/or tea on a daily basis, consider cutting back. The more you drink, the more likely you are to create stains overtime.

Brushing after drinking

Brushing your teeth at least twice a day for two minutes is recommended for good oral health. If you are a daily tea or coffee drinker, brushing after you consume these beverages can help with stain prevention.

Rinse or drink water

If you are not able to brush your teeth after consuming coffee or tea, try rinsing your mouth with water in the bathroom. Drinking water during the day between cups of coffee and tea also rinses away harmful acids, as well as food particles.

Avoid all day sipping

It’s best to consume tea and coffee in a short time period than sipping on a cup or cups for hours on end. Sipping allows acids and tannins to linger on the enamel of your teeth.

Use a straw

It might look a little strange, but drinking through a straw helps liquids bypass your teeth.

More advanced staining may require over-the-counter whitening products or in-house teeth whitening. Contact Dr. Gross at Inspiring Smiles Dentistry in Charlotte to find out what will work best to restore your smile to bright and white.

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