7 Ways to Improve Your Smile

It’s a new year. Are you ready for a smile makeover? Your smile is one of the most important things you share with people each day. Having discolored or misaligned teeth can sometimes make a person self-conscious about smiling. Investing in improving your smile can give you confidence at work and in your personal life. Here are some ways Dr. Michael Gross can help you accomplish a dazzling smile that you’ll want to show off in 2017.


For light teeth staining, there are many over-the-counter whitening products available, such as whitening toothpastes, gels, pens or trays. For the most dramatic results, you many need to go the professional route. Talk with Dr. Michael Gross about in-house teeth whitening options. He can also recommend at-home whitening products to meet your specific needs.


Don’t think of braces as just being for kids and teens. Adults can experience positive results with braces, too. Thanks for advancements in dentistry, you have more options than traditional metal braces. Removable lines or invisible braces, or clear plastic brackets can be used to straighten teeth without being as noticeable.


Covering discolored on misshaped teeth with crown improves the look of your smile and makes your tooth stronger. Crowns also attach to bridges to project a weak tooth from breaking.


Bonded to the front surface of a tooth, veneers are thin custom-made shells of tooth-colored materials. Veneers recreate the natural look of your smile by changing the shape, length, size and color of a tooth.

Bridges and Implants

If you are missing teeth, implants can be an effective long-term solution for restoring your smile. Implants are surgically places into your jaw as a replacement tooth and blend in with your other teeth.  Implants can hold crown and bridges, too.

Daily flossing and brushing

The impact of flossing on your oral healthy is significant. Flossing daily not only removes food particle from your teeth that can lead to cavities, it also prevents gum disease. We recommended that you brush your teeth at least twice a day for two minutes to maintain a healthy and beautiful smile.

Give up smoking and tobacco products

You’ve heard it before, but smoking is bad for your health. Kicking the habit can also do wonders for your overall health, including your oral health. Smoking can stain your teeth deep into the enamel. It also damages your gums, which can lead to gum recession and the formation of large pockets around your teeth. Tobacco use also increases your risk for oral cancers.

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